• Winner: Noda Nwest Region Best Panto 2011
  • May Concert The Music of the Night - BAODS tribute to HRH Diamond Jubilee
  • Oct 17th - 20th 2012 Musical: Acorn Antiques by Victoria Wood

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Actors make up the majority of our membership, and for good reason! The Royal Court Theatre is a huge 484 seat Victorian theatre, and acting on our stage is as close to professional as it gets!

You do not need to be experienced or even a member of BAODS to audition for a part, you just need to be reliable (turn up to the rehearsals and all that jazz). If you're a budding thespian or an energetic dancer, we can find a part that suits you. Not all parts in shows require singing or dancing, but not all parts require line learning or acting either!

Stage Crew

The people that make a show possible are the stage crew. If you've been to the theatre before to watch a show, you probably have no idea how many people are working behind the scenes. The stage crew take responsibility for taking nearly 500 people from an overgrown magical forest to a grand palace in less than 15 seconds. To pull this off, stage crew need to work together with military style precision and split second timing. No experience is needed, just a set of black clothes.

Stage Managing

If you've done the whole stage crew scene, then you may be interested in becoming an assistant stage manager or even a stage manager. With up to 6 crew per show, somebody needs to organise them, and keep everything running smoothly. The director behind the scenes, stage managing is a job that requires respect from others, the ability to make snap decisions, creativity and a problem solving attitude, no mean feat by any measure.

Front of House

If you were tempted by stage crew, but prefer to been seen, then front of house may be the job for you. Our front of house staff are the representatives of BAODS, and are responsible for looking after every single audience member from the moment they enter the theatre. If you can make a brew in 5 minutes, you should try making 300 in 20 minutes. Or perhaps showing people to their seats and answering any questions is more your thing. If you feel more comfortable selling then we have an endless supply of programmes and raffle tickets available as well. Front of House is such a key job in running the theatre that it even comes with a badge.


There are 3 different jobs within the lighting department, and we are always looking for help.

Followspot operating is a good place to start. You'll be in constant 3 way communication with your fellow follow spot operator and the lighting director who will guide you, telling you what to do when. Training before hand is often done just prior to a show, and usually it takes people 2 – 3 minutes of exhaustive, intense training to become a pro.

Lighting Technicians bring the set to life with awe inspiring light. Rigging the lighting for a show can take up to 72 man hours to complete depending on how much work needs doing.

The Lighting Director is the person responsible for working with the Director and the set designer to bring the set to life. Designing a show takes a lot of creativity and hard work, and even when the lighting has been designed you will need to work with the crew to rig the show, and then operate the lighting desk and direct the followspot operators.

For tech junkies, we have a Zero88 Jester 48ML desk, 2 Source 4 Zoom followspots (fitted with irises), 13 Source 4 Juniors, 10 Par64 Cans, and a huge mish mash of other profiles, floods and cans.


In panto there is always that phrase 'I can't hear you' – which is great as long as it isn't 'You can't hear me'.

In an auditorium the size of ours, and with upwards of 30 people on stage at one time in some situations, making sure everyone can hear everything can become a real challenge. 30 people on stage, 20 of them have lines, 4 of them are standing out of range of the stage mics and only 12 people are wearing body mics. Sound can be a challenge.

In addition to this, sound effects that are vital to the shows are also the responsibility of the sound technicians. Sourcing, editing and using sound effects is a big part of the role, and making them sound realistic is crucial.

Bar Staff

Pubs are expensive to buy these days, so why not volunteer to staff the licenced bar? Even if you do want to buy a pub, how about some free work experience? Bar staff are trained prior to a show, and we usually need at least 2 staff to cope with even moderate demand. And lets face it, everybody want to have a go at pulling a pint.


That hat your wearing is lovely, but we need people that can source costumes that an eccentric overweight elderly woman (called a dame for this example) would wear. The catch? They need to fit a slender middle aged man.

Yes, costumes at the Royal Court Theatre is like nowhere else. From serious drama's where we need subtle details and a touch of class, to panto where we need completely outrageous outfits, and when we did the Full Monty and needed very little at all.

Your creativity and imagination (and a reasonable budget) are the limit when it comes to working in wardrobe at the Royal Court Theatre.


You thought your wife took a while to get ready before going out? How about makeup for 30 or so? I think this makes the point quite well. As with all the jobs above, no experience is needed, as we can train you.

Anything Else?

Directing, Producing, Cleaning, DIY, Props, Ice Cream vendors and so on. You get the idea. If your interested in helping, tell us what you can do and we'll find you a suitable job.

Perks of Volunteering at the Royal Court Theatre

You get to be part of a lively, dynamic society, and of course your welcome to stay with the rest of us after a show when the audience have left for a drink or 2 4.

Next Step

Get in contact with us and we'll get you stuck in before you can say 'It's behind you'. If you'd like to meet any members or tour the theatre facilities then just ask, mentioning what your interested in so we can try and get relevant people to be there to talk to you.

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